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Having a compelling and competitive presence online goes beyond possessing a smartly designed website. Social media marketing is an interactive and cost-effective method of extending your online brand to targeted clients interested in the products or services you have to offer. Urban Ignite establishes crucial components to optimizing your social media presence and helps you turn likes and clicks into tangible results. 

Social media marketing is the most cost-effective advertising as opposed to traditional avenues. Think of TV commercials or radio advertising. These avenues cast a large and expensive because they aren’t targeted towards specific audiences. Social media marketing is specifically targeted towards your desired audience, meaning you aren’t paying to reach a broad audience indifferent to your products or services.

Our team helps clients build a strong social media presence and determine how to leverage that audience into conversions. 

Our Social Media Marketing Approach


We want to build a social media presence that will attract the audience you’re looking to connect with. We’ll work with your team to analyze previous social media efforts and identify areas for improvement. 


Our team utilizes collaborative scheduling tools to build posts and deliver them to specific platforms, from Instagram to Facebook, LinkedIn, 推特, and more. Our tool allows us to build a set-it-and-forget-it schedule of consistent content each month. 


We help drive interest to your website and brand by building a genuine, relevant audience and tailoring content to them. Social media advertisements can then be utilized to help spread the net, retarget interested parties, and bring in more relevant leads. 

Ongoing Social Media Campaigns

Social media isn’t meant to be a one and done service. We help create a system that well represents our clients’ voices and puts emphasis behind relationship building with your audience. Social media is a newer medium, and as such, companies are still learning how to fully take advantage of it, especially local businesses. Unlike traditional forms of outbound marketing, reliant on product-pushing and other alienating tactics, SMM is a method of inbound marketing focused on building a narrative and connecting directly with clients. Our team crafts ongoing social media campaigns that will help you build out your presence online. 

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Social Media Posts
Our team crafts engaging social media posts for your business. We curate visual content and copy that will highlight the things you want your customers to know about your company and build a dialogue with your followers.
Targeted Scheduling
Through the use of applications, we analyze optimal times to post and build a content schedule for extended periods of time. This means you always have fresh content coming down the pipeline so your accounts never stagnate.
Social Media Ads
Social media ads are an effective marketing strategy that can leverage a modest budget to great impact. We're able to target relevant audiences and then retarget them with even more-cost effective ads to help increase the chance of conversion.
We set time aside each week to engage with your audience. Engagement is a great way to build connections on social media and form relationships with relevant clients.


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